Dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical companies navigate the complex and changing governmental marketplace, Artia Solutions, LLC, provides unequaled experience in developing successful strategies that allow access to products while protecting profitability. Artia’s leadership consists of former Medicaid officials with leading edge experience in managing a Medicaid pharmacy benefit. Many of the tools the states used were developed and used by our leadership in the Medicaid pharmacy area. Artia’s depth of experience provides guidance that is proven and yet also creative. Customized services include long-term strategic planning, pre-launch new drug strategy development, post-launch operational pull through, PDL bid tracking, bid analysis, bid submission and many other services that support your management of you Medicaid book of business.

    During this shared journey, access will be provided to key decision makers throughout the U.S. Our commitment is for the long journey that successful strategy requires; a journey in which we are not only there to take the first steps together, but each step thereafter for a successful outcome. Consult, Guide, Connect.

    Artia Solutions provides over 50 years of combined pharmaceutical expertise to assist clients in strategic and operational opportunities.

    Keep Calm, Carry on & Play Pong

    We keep our office calm and casual, and we’re proud to provide a healthy work-life balance to our employees.

    Oh, and we like to have fun, cue the ping pong table, frequent team lunches and a pretty big in-house FSU vs. UM rivalry. We also cover full health insurance plans and offer plenty of paid vacation days and competitive salaries.

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