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Magellan Clinical Presentation Form11/21/201769.50 KBDownload
Magellan Clinical Presentation Form11/21/2017252.90 KBDownload
KY FFS Provider Notice Dec 201712/15/2017867.69 KBDownload
Lodge CO8/9/2017249.84 KBDownload
Magellan Clinical Presentation Policy11/21/2017262.50 KBDownload
May 2017 TOP$ Classes for Review1/9/201733.96 KBDownload
Nov 2017 IN Bid Solicitation8/14/2017369.31 KBDownload
MassHealth Alert10/27/2017363.57 KBDownload
MassHealth Value Based Pharmacy Purchasing Proposal2/13/2018413.02 KBDownload
FL DUR 6/22/175/15/201764.47 KBDownload
FL P&T 6/23/175/15/201770.31 KBDownload
FL Dec 2018 DUR Agenda11/13/201867.59 KBDownload
FL Dec 2018 P&T Agenda11/13/201874.90 KBDownload
KS Clarification on PDL Agenda and Bidding3/2/2017206.09 KBDownload
KY FFS Provider Notice #2254/26/2018925.01 KBDownload
KY FFS Provider Notice #2254/26/201871.98 KBDownload
KY 11/30/17 PDL Changes11/30/20171.17 MBDownload
KY 11/30/17 PDL Changes11/30/20171.17 MBDownload
NV 2nd Q 2017 Bid Email4/18/2017293.67 KBDownload
The Artia Solutions Mobile App7/26/2016433.07 KBDownload
TOP$ May 2017 Single Products1/9/201741.75 KBDownload
Texas Medicaid Legislation proposing a pharmacy carve out from Managed Medicaid3/25/201946.30 KBDownload
Texas Medicaid Legislation proposing a pharmacy carve out from Managed Medicaid pdf3/25/201951.71 KBDownload
TOP$ revised ATTACHMENT C11/29/2016209.60 KBDownload
TX SB 6802/13/201855.17 KBDownload
VA 10/19/17 P&T Agenda9/6/2017456.27 KBDownload
TOP$ Revised Attachment C, Catalogue of TOP$ Participating Medicaid Programs11/29/2016220.23 KBDownload
TX HB3388 Committee Meeting Update4/22/2019130.55 KBDownload
OK 2.14.18 Agenda2/9/201853.11 KBDownload
OK 2.14.18 DUR Packet2/9/20181.83 MBDownload
OH Gov Budget4/19/2017532.85 KBDownload
OH New Drug Policy2/24/20178.60 KBDownload
OR Medicaid10/23/2017264.90 KBDownload
PR First Medical PA12/5/2018106.26 KBDownload
Prior Authorization Strength Score (PASS)7/26/2016109.34 KBDownload
Pennsylvania Termination of Participation in TOP$ Supplemental Rebate Program11/29/2016403.31 KBDownload
PR BCBS PA Form12/5/2018425.30 KBDownload
FL 9/28/18 P&T Agenda8/16/201872.44 KBDownload
3/24/17 FL P&T Agenda2/23/201772.70 KBDownload
7/11/17 CO Drug Class Review Announcement5/11/2017124.71 KBDownload
3/22/19 FL P&T Agenda2/15/201976.36 KBDownload
3/23/17 FL DUR Agenda2/23/201763.94 KBDownload
9.21.17 FL DUR Agenda8/10/201766.46 KBDownload
9/21/17 KY P&T Options9/5/2017555.01 KBDownload
9/22/17 FL P&T Classes For Review6/26/201719.88 KBDownload
9.22.17 FL P&T Agenda8/10/201770.78 KBDownload
9/21/17 KY P&T Agenda9/5/2017126.70 KBDownload
10.1.17 CO PDL changes8/9/2017422.39 KBDownload
12/23/16 AL Manufacturer Letter12/19/201674.16 KBDownload
1/12/17 FL DUR Agenda12/12/201664.47 KBDownload
1/13/17 FL P&T Agenda12/12/2016124.22 KBDownload
2/22/17 WA DUR Agenda1/18/201732.97 KBDownload
3/21/19 FL DUR Agenda2/15/201965.67 KBDownload
3/22/18 FL DUR Meeting Notes3/26/2018275.61 KBDownload
2017 Magellan Clinical Presentation Policy11/18/2016260.68 KBDownload
2017 NMPI Schedule 1 Update- Opioid Dependence12/7/2016213.31 KBDownload
AR PASSE Program- Artia Guide3/1/201970.29 KBDownload
FL 6/20/19 DUR Agenda5/21/2019147.51 KBDownload
FL 6/21/18 DUR Agenda5/14/201867.55 KBDownload
FL 3/22/18 DUR Agenda2/19/201867.82 KBDownload
FL 3/23/18 P&T Agenda2/19/201875.92 KBDownload
FL 6/21/19 P&T Agenda5/21/2019166.73 KBDownload
FL 9/27/18 DUR Agenda8/16/201865.32 KBDownload
FL 9/27/19 P&T Agenda 8/16/2019166.87 KBDownload
FL 6/22/18 P&T Agenda5/14/201874.33 KBDownload
FL 9/26/19 DUR Agenda8/16/2019167.83 KBDownload
AZ July 2017 Classes for Review4/25/201714.58 KBDownload
CHIP States Qualified for Rebates3/18/201920.16 KBDownload
AR SPA- MCOs3/1/2019836.29 KBDownload
Aug 2017 KY Wellcare P&T8/22/2017404.69 KBDownload
CO Classes for Review 7/11/175/11/201714.48 KBDownload
FL 1/18/18 DUR Agenda12/8/201771.52 KBDownload
FL 1/19/18 P&T Agenda12/8/201781.22 KBDownload
CO Preferred Product Updates 7/1/175/11/2017380.74 KBDownload
Crossroads Save the Date2/24/2017919.25 KBDownload