Consult, Guide, Connect.

We assist our clients in defining strategies to both establish and improve formulary coverage and utilization in the VA and DoD markets through:

  • Providing education and training to clients on the organizational structures, policies and procedures within the VA and DoD that are critical to drug coverage
  • Preparing clients for P&T review of its products within the VA and DoD
  • Identifying strategies for securing favorable positioning on the VA National Formulary, DoD Uniform Formulary and Military Treatment Facility formularies, including pricing and discounting mechanisms, where appropriate
  • Developing appropriate messaging for key VA and DoD decision makers
  • VA PBM, Medical Advisory Panel, VISN Pharmacy Executives and VA Medical Center Pharmacists
  • Defense Health Agency’s Pharmacy Operations Division and Formulary Management Branch
  • Providing education to clients’ account managers and field sales force to ensure all interactions are compliant with VA and DoD pharmaceutical promotional policies
  • Developing pull-through strategies to increase use of clients’ products within the VA and DoD markets