The Artia Atlas

Consult, Guide, Connect.

The Artia Atlas is our comprehensive, industry-leading portal containing all necessary components for Medicaid drug coverage.

Artia Atlas Login
Stay up to date

While the Artia App (Apple or Android) is ideal for accessing meeting calendars on-the-go, the Atlas is a customized and password-protected way to view the status and progress of each drug that we are representing in each respective state.

Knowledge At your fingertips

Our clients’ data can be sorted by purchasing pool and priority states, and all information is sortable, printable, exportable to Microsoft Excel and can be tracked in real-time.

Plus, we provide our clients with updates via email notifications whenever an update occurs. Our clients can easily log-in to their portal, view updated changes, review drug status and stay up-to-speed on where their drugs are in the bidding and review process.

The Atlas also includes preferred positioning, PA requirements, clinical and bid vendors, PDL link and much more.

Contact Greg at to view a demo of the Artia Atlas.