Clinical Modeling and Support

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It’s critical for pharmaceutical companies to uphold a strong, clinical foundation in its governmental strategic planning in order to balance its financial position.

Artia Solutions, Clinical Modeling and Support
Governmental programs

Governmental programs require clinical messaging that’s unique from other marketplaces, and delivering a strong clinical message can make all the difference in whether or not a product is included on a PDL. That’s where we come in.

Our extensive clinical experience provides our clients with the clinical messaging necessary for a successful value statement.

Clinical Support

We offer this support for each of our clients, which includes:

  • Assistance from PharmDs and a clinical staff to deal with prior authorization/claim denial issues that arise in all 50 states
  • Experience with creating acceptable criteria and changing existing criteria through rebating and clinical presentations with key decision makers
  • PASS: Prior Authorization Strength Score
  • PharmD assistance for P&T speaking engagements and clinical presentations

Detailed PA Strategy

  • Assess trade-offs of open access (no PA) vs. acceptable PA criteria vs. unacceptable PA criteria
  • Using education and/or discounting to either remove a PA or change criteria from unacceptable to acceptable
  • Utilizing electronic/smart PAs to achieve desired access
  • Creating win-win scenarios with the payers – appropriate patients having appropriate access

Prior Authorization Training Tools

  • PA 101: individual sessions tailored for executives, brand team, sales leadership and representatives
  • PA Strategy for Managed Markets – ensuring alignment with the brand team
  • How to Successfully Work with PAs
  • Enlisting Providers/KOLs as Advocates to Advance/Improve Access
  • PA Communication Policy