Drug Launch Strategy

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Arguably our most valuable service, our drug launch strategy provides our clients with predictive coverage modeling in order to assist key personnel in developing marketplace-specific strategies. Many companies miscalculate access because they lack the knowledge of state and federal rules, regulations and more.

Artia Solutions, Drug Launch Strategy
The Challenge

We have extensive experience in these areas, and we skillfully navigate the complex Medicaid landscape to provide accurate forecasting that impacts strategy development, access and reimbursement--whether our client is launching a traditional drug or an orphan drug or both.

We’re able to forecast state Medicaid coverage, prior authorization requirements and specific regulations and policies regarding new products months before a product is launched into the marketplace.

Where We Come In

Enlisting an experienced and proactive team will ensure the successful launch of a new product.

Comprehensive reports and analysis support the following aspects of a well-planned drug launch into each of the following marketplaces:

Medicaid Predictive Rebate Modeling

Medicaid Fee for Service (Pharmacy and Medical Benefit)

  • Financial modeling of competition within therapeutic category
  • Predictive Supplemental Rebate Modeling (PRM)
  • Current new drug policy for each, specific to the therapeutic category
  • 12-month post launch forecast of access in each state
  • Development of algorithm used for target state selection
  • State specific P&T review requirements
  • State and/or purchasing pool contracting requirements
  • Reimbursement formulas for both medical and pharmacy benefit
  • All the state specific data points necessary for successful triangulation (enrollment, purchasing pools, carve outs and statewide/universal PDL’s etc)
  • Presentation development used to communicate to senior management

Medicaid Managed Care

  • Strategy development and assessment for maximizing coverage in this market while minimizing net price erosion and risk
    • Managing forecasts and revenue expectations in this price-sensitive market
  • Cost-benefit analysis at payer/PBM level
  • Prioritization of accounts
  • Messaging assessment to support market strategy

VA and DoD

  • Strategy development for securing most favorable coverage possible across all markets in the Federal Healthcare Delivery System (VA, DoD, Tricare, IHS, FBOP and others)
  • Pre- and post-launch planning and execution
  • Data procurement and analysis
  • Identification of key personnel and decision makers and clinical KOLs at the VA PBM and VISN levels
  • Training of account management and field sales teams on the Federal marketplace