Strategy Development

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When developing a successful governmental strategy, three things are necessary to fully understand: marketplace dynamics, competition and payer expectations and the metrics they use to make access decisions.

Artia Solutions, Strategy Development
The Challenge

Miscalculations of these three components are unfortunately common. If new drug policies, PDL & P&T policies, coding reimbursement policies and claim policies are misconstrued, it will negatively impact access. Financial rebate modeling, market share, clinical prior-authorization requirements and competitive response history should also be understood, yet remain flexible, as competition changes often occur.

Where We Come In

Additionally, decision drivers, financial tipping points and creative contracting can only be understood from a former insider perspective. Many of our clients previously found themselves frustrated with inconsistent outcomes and access, as well as the misuse and extra cost of valuable resources.

Our team of experienced former Medicaid officials initially created these metrics and policies, and we gladly join teams with our clients to help them develop, navigate and deliver the best possible strategy each step of the way.

For each of our clients, we dive into action plan development through product focus and key messages, prescriber and pharmacy targeting and contracting analysis and recommendations. But we don’t just stop there.

We ensure operational pull-through through clinical presentations to key decision makers, Managed Medicaid Care plan feedback, coordination of and participation in MMC plan vendor meetings, the production of specific tactics to improve reimbursement and increase access, ongoing account management and communication and much more.

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